Bryan High School Athletics


Player Spotlight: Megan Vaughan


MyBCS | 9/13/2019

Meet Megan Vaughan, the proud Viking All-State Setter for two years in a row. With big dreams to play collegiate volleyball, who would have known growing up playing volleyball with her older sisters in the backyard, she would be where she is today. Megan, stat-wise has 302 kills, 619 digs and a whopping 2,628 assists over her high school career. However, when asked what inspires her to play, her answer was her teammates. When asked what was her favorite memory from her career, she responded playing board games with her teammates in a hotel room during an away game visit. When asked what she wants to be remembered by, her response was she hopes she was a good teammate.

Ms. Megan Vaughan sets the example of the ideal teammate; she is considerate, hardworking and ensures she feeds the ball to the perfect position for her teammates during games. She shows preparation for the games with her usual gameday hairstyle, a Dutch braid into a ponytail and her pre-game ritual of listening to music, dancing with her teammates and saying a prayer. She shows commitment to her team off the court with visits to their favorite pizza place, Double Dave’s, and also creating everlasting memories they can never forget.

The Bryan High Volleyball team has also done a lot for Ms. Megan Vaughan as well. The team has shown her that she has the natural ability to lead. When asked what has she learned from volleyball, she answered leadership. This is no surprise with her favorite subject being World History, but she was able to bring out the leader from within because of the incredible love and support she has received from the coaching staff and her beloved teammates at Bryan High.

We can all take a lesson from the Dutch Viking Setter at Bryan High, by allowing herself to be in service to her teammates and entrusting the coaching staff at Bryan High with her growth. She was able to accomplish some unique goals. I firmly believe when Ms. Vaughan was going through her volleyball career, she never had her eyes set on standing out, but she did because of the love she has for her teammates. In response to that, I know her teammates get riled up every chance Megan has the opportunity to set the ball to them for the perfect kill. This season make sure to watch out for Ms. Megan Vaughan, The Dutch Viking Setter empowered by the love of the game an... Click here to read full article